Hello world!

I guess you might say that  this is the first day of the rest of my life.  I’m new to the blogging world and decided to do this to share some of my many years of experience with others.  I’ve called this blog Grandma’s This and That, because that’s exactly what it will be, a little of This and a little of That!!!!  Bear with me as I learn how to do this blog thing. 

They say you can teach an old dog new tricks, so, I guess we’ll see.  I can’t live without a computer, but I have been able to live without a cell phone.  That’s right, I do not have a cell phone.  When my kids can’t get in touch with me, I tell them to call me at 1-800-GET-ACELL!!!!  When I leave home, I don’t need anyone calling me.  If it’s important, leave a message on my LAND LINE  and I’ll get back to ya!!

I’m into things like healthy eating, gardening, herbs and my husband is a beekeeper.  So, there will be a little of this and a little of that on this blog. 

This afternoon I saw an interesting website that had a recipe for making your own shampoo and that really interested me.  The site is http://methowvalleyherbs.blogspot.com/2010/05/make-your-own-herbal-shampoo-mountain.html .  Check it out, I think it’s something worth trying.



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